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Email Marketing Opportunities for May

May Email Marketing Opportunity CalendarEmail Marketing opportunities are abundant in May.  According to Zillow, May is the month when homes sell the fastest and for the most money.  Realtors and mortgage brokers can take advantage of this great email marketing opportunity to promote home sales and real estate financing. ResultsMail even has special real estate and mortgage email templates just for you!  According to American Express 8 out of 10 Americans plan to travel in the coming months and expect to spend an average of $941 per person.  That’s more than $184 billion in travel spending!  It kicks off this month with Memorial Day weekend.  Hotels, restaurants, travel agents, and any business looking to get a piece of the action need to get their travel and vacation email marketing campaigns rolling now!

To help you take advantage of all of these great email marketing opportunities in May, we’ve provided you with a May Holiday Email Marketing Calendar.  Click on the calendar on the right to download it as a PDF and use it to remind you of some important dates to schedule your next email campaigns around.

May the 4th Email Tamplates

May the 4th – Star Wars Day Email Marketing Opportunities

Ready are you? What know you of ready?  Another worldwide anticipated Star Wars film is coming out this year.  This Thursday expect to see more Darth Vaders and Princess Leia’s than ever before.  Search your feelings.  Whether you support the Rebellion or have given yourself over to the power of the Dark Side, you will need a great Star Wars Email Marketing Campaign to get your message out.  Use the Force to guide you through the ResultsMail holiday templates and select one of our May the 4th email templates.  Create a special Star Wars offer, use some famous lines or characters, and have fun with it.  But remember the words of Yoda, “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.”

Cinco de Mayo Email Marketing OpportunitiesCinco de Mayo Email Marketing Opportunities

Why worry about building a wall when it will just get your emails bounced?  Reach your hand across the border to fill it with a shot of Tequila, Corona, and a plethora of tacos.  Use ResultsMail’s Cinco de Mayo email templates to give your customers the chance to bust a piñata filled with many little surprises.  Even if you’re not in the food & beverage industry you can still throw a fiesta.  Create 5 special deals or discounts that end in 5.  Have fun and add mariachis, burros, Chihuahuas, sombreros, wrestling masks, and big moustaches to your email campaigns.

Mothers Day Email Marketing OpportunitiesMother’s Day Email Marketing Opportunities

Consumers are expected to spend $23.6 Billion this year on Mother’s Day.  Jewelry, Restaurants, Flowers, Gift Cards, Clothing, Consumer Electronics, and personal services such as Spas and Beauty Salons will bring in more money on this year’s Mother’s Day than ever before.   To make the most of the sales, start sending the emails now, but don’t let up.  Mother’s Day is especially known for procrastination and last minute gifts.  If you don’t have a Mother’s Day product to sell, it’s also a great email marketing opportunity to celebrate the lives of all the wonderful moms.  Start your subject line with Mother’s Day and use emotional language to see a huge boost in open rates.

Memorial Day Email Marketing Opportunities

Memorial Day Email Marketing Opportunities

Memorial Day is the first big three day weekend to start off the summer travel season.  Barbecues, parades, and holiday travel fill this fun weekend.  Use ResultsMail’s Memorial Day Email Templates to share your patriotism, honor our fallen countrymen, and take advantage of great email marketing opportunities.  Be sure to get your email campaigns out early as Memorial Day sales have already started!

Ready to take advantage of May’s email marketing opportunities?  Log in to your ResultsMail account, click Create New, choose Campaign and Create From a Template.  Click on Holidays and you will see all the holiday email templates. There are always new email templates for every occasion.  Every month, every week, there is a new email marketing opportunity to reach out to your audience with a creative, attention-getting, fun email campaign that will be opened.

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Email Marketing Ideas to Kick Off Your February Email Campaigns

February Email Marketing Ideas Calendar

Finding new email marketing ideas to keep your audience engaged with every email campaign can be difficult.  Fortunately, every month brings us new holidays and events to inspire fantastic email marketing ideas.  February is a special month with some very important marketing dates to watch out for.  To help you keep track of all of these great email marketing opportunities, we have created the ResultsMail February Email Marketing Calendar.  Download it, save it, and use it to plan your email campaigns.  With ResultsMail you can create all of your email campaigns in advance and schedule them to go out when they will receive the most attention.  Check back with our blog for new email marketing ideas, calendars, and new templates for every month!

Groundhog Day
– February 2nd, 2017
Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadowGroundhog Day Email Template and give us 6 more weeks of winter or will he tell us to expect an early spring?  A cute, furry animal and a strange tradition are a perfect excuse to come up with a fun email campaign. Even more importantly, this day has a Bill Murray movie that reminds us not to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again.  There can be no more important message for email marketers.  You can’t just send the same message to the same list and expect the same level of engagement.  This would seem obvious, yet a question we hear all the time is “Why do I have less opens each time I send the same email message to the same people?”  Use the Turn the Tables Rule of marketing and think to yourself, would I open the same message over and over again?  Ask yourself, what can I say in my email campaigns that is new and interesting?  How can I provide a new perspective or a new insight in my industry?  Look for new ways to make your email campaigns interesting and watch those open rates soar!

Superbowl Sunday Email TemplateSuperbowl Sunday – February 5th, 2017
Whether you are a Hawks fan, a Patriots fan, or not even an American Football fan, you have to be aware of the Superbowl as the most important event for advertisers in the United States.  Everyone looks forward to see what great new creative commercial will come out next, and for the millions of dollars those companies spend for their 30 seconds of your attention, it better be great.  While you may not have $4 million to spend on a Superbowl ad, you can certainly come up with a unique, fun email campaign to get people talking.  Let those ads be your inspiration for email marketing ideas that are funny, creative, and different to catch your audience’s attention.

Valentine's Day Email TemplateValentine’s Day – February 14th, 2017
Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest marketing days of the year.  Billions of dollars are spent on candy, flowers, lingerie, jewelry, fine dining, luxury hotels, romantic vacations, and every other expression of love that money can buy.  If you have a product or service that could be a Valentine’s Day gift, then take advantage of the reduced price elasticity of demand that love can bring and get your Valentine’s email campaigns out early.  If not, then make your list your Valentine.  Let your customers know you love them and you want this romance to last.

President’s Day – February 20th, 2017
Many politicians have used ResultsMail for their email campaigns, one that even became President.  We don’t take sides, we just make sure their email campaigns are as effective and successful as possible. President’s Day brings us an extra-long weekend to remember George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Regardless of your political opinion, President’s Day is a time to get patriotic and add the red, white, and blue to your email campaigns and let people know you have some great President’s Day deals.

Every month, every week, there is a reason to reach out to your audience with a creative, attention-getting, fun email campaign that will be opened.  Try out our new holiday and fun email templates for inspiration of your best email marketing ideas.

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Holiday Email Templates and Holiday Email Marketing Calendar!

Holiday Email TemplatesHoliday email templates are here and the best part of the year for sending out email campaigns is right now!  At ResultsMail every year we create special new holiday email templates to improve the performance of your holiday email campaigns.  We enjoy creating new email template designs, so if you ever need a custom design, just drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

The holiday season brings some very special days for email marketing.  To help you keep track of all these great holiday marketing opportunities we have created this new Holiday Email Marketing Calendar.  Click here to download it today!

Now is the time to prepare email campaigns to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  The day after Thanksgiving brings the most famous of all sales days, Black Friday.   You’ll need a terrific offer in your subject line to stand out on Black Friday.  Try going for the deepest discounts you can.  If you’re a smaller business, then the day after is Small Business Saturday.  This day was created by American Express to put a special focus on spending with local businesses.  Rest on Sunday because you’ll need it for the biggest day of online sales of the year, Cyber Monday.  Hone those subject lines and get some great offers ready for Cyber Monday!  To close out November there’s still one more day dedicated to non-profit organizations that are more interested in helping than selling.  Prepare those donation request emails for Giving Tuesday!

There may be a couple weeks of calm to start off December, but we all know those weeks are spent shopping for the biggest holidays of the year.  Green Monday, Dec. 12,  is a particularly special days as it is the most popular shopping day before Christmas.  Closing out the week we have Free Shipping Day, a time to make special offers so folks can get their items shipped in time for Christmas.  The second to last week of December will be all about those last minute Christmas shoppers.  This year is a very special year as Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah fall on the same night! We have Christmas and Hanukkah email templates, so send them both out!

Ready to dive into holiday email marketing?  Log in to your ResultsMail account, click Create New, choose Campaign and Create From a Template.  Click on Holidays and you will see all the holiday email templates. We will be adding more before the Holiday season is over, so be sure to keep your eyes open for them.

If you have any ideas for your holiday email marketing you would like to share with use, please do!  We would love to hear from you and create new holiday email templates that your audience will love!