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Celebrate May with Free Email Templates

Don’t let Writer’s Block stop you from getting out more emails this month.  Take a look at the calendar.  You may not have realized it, but May is chock-full of great excuses to send an email.  We’ve added more free email templates to get you started!

May the 4th

Star Wars Free Email TemplatesEveryone loves Star Wars and May 4th is a special day based on a play of words.  On the best day of the year to use the Jedi salutation of “May the Force Be With You!” we say “May the 4th Be With You!”  People around the globe celebrate this fortuitous linguistic coincidence by dressing up as their favorite Star Wars character.  So why not send out a message to your audience to let them know you like Star Wars too.  Use the Jedi mind trick and convince them to purchase something!  We’ve created a couple of special free email templates for you to use.  So just log in and quickly add your own message, blast it out, and May the 4th Be With You!

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Free Email TemplatesThere’s nothing like a day dedicated to Mexican food and Tequila.  Yet another great excuse for sending out an email.  Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for Fifth of May, the day the Mexican army defeated the French in Puebla in 1862.  While not many remember the specifics, everyone knows it’s a great time to party.  So put on a sombrero, kick back a shot of tequila and write up a quick message to your audience to let them know you’re just as ready to party as they are.  We have some fun free email templates for you and if you need help with your Español, sólo nos dice, aquí estamos para ayudarles! ¡Órale! ¡Viva Cinco de Mayo! 

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Free Email TemplatesMay 8th is the day to celebrate all of those loving moms that worked so hard to raise us and our children.  As a business or organization it is important to let them know you care too.  Provide those wonderful moms with a special discount just for Mother´s Day.  We have some new free email templates with hearts and flowers to let them know you care.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Free Email TemplatesClosing out the month of May is Memorial Day.  Another special day to remember and honor those that sacrificed their lives to defend the USA.  As always, since it is a holiday, it’s also a great day to promote products and sales.  Put on the Red, White, and Blue, and show folks your patriotism with one of our Memorial Day free email templates.  Keep in mind that Memorial Day is the big holiday weekend that lets everyone know summer is here.  That means it’s time to swing in to action for you Realtors, Travel Agents and Retailers of summer products!

Do you have any ideas for new templates you would like to see?  If you, please send us an email, we are always looking for new ideas.  If you need a custom template just for you, we can do that too!

Fun Easter Email Templates Just Hatched!

Easter Email Templates

Easter Email Templates are here and you don’t have to get lost searching all over your yard for them.

Spring is all about life.  Longer hours, more sun, and more fun!  Easter is the biggest holiday this time of year, and although Easter Break is now called Spring Break, everybody still loves a good Easter egg hunt.

Easter Email MarketingTake advantage of this and use some of our new Easter Email Templates to drive new sales.  We have created some special new templates just for the holiday.  There are two versions, one for newsletters and another for sales.  Take a look and see which ones best fit your needs.

Keep in mind that Easter isn’t just a season for selling colored eggs and chocolates. This is a great time for any business.  Are you a retailer?  Now’s the time to start pushing summer clothes!

Real Estate agent or mortgage broker?  Now’s the time that people want to get out and search for new homes.  Reach out to them to let them know what you’re doing that can help them in their search!

Easter Email Template NewslettersSpring also means Spring cleaning.  A particularly special time for Do-it-yourself home remodeling.  If you have products for homeowners, now is the time to push.

Spring also means Summer is just around the corner.  This is great news for hotels, travel agencies, cruises, and more as people are getting ready to book their Summer vacations.

If you don’t want to use an Easter Email template, look through our gallery and find something else that’s light and bright to market your Spring activities.

ResultsMail is here to help your Spring Email Marketing success!

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Scary Successful Halloween Email Marketing!

Halloween Email Crypt

The Halloween phenomenon is here!

Now’s the time to start your Halloween email marketing campaigns.

What, are you scared?! Well, don’t be tricked into missing this opportunity.

Results Mail will treat you to the best tips – just follow our lead! Get spooky with your Halloween email campaigns.  Let’s write fascinating and frightening tales about late October sales.

The bigger the holiday is, the larger the interest among the consumers.  And that means the larger the associated volume of search on Google.  So it’s time to get excited and be creative in every detail of your campaigns.
Scary Halloween Email Mummy

Remember your audience will judge an email by its subject line; this is the first impression you have so you need to shine through their inbox and get your Halloween email content opened, read and clicked! Even though subject lines are a small part of your message, it’s essential that they entice and allure your email recipients.

Be brave by effectively targeting your marketing materials to upcoming holidays.   Capture the interest of consumers who are attuned to this scary season. Keep it short. Your subject line should be a maximum of 50 characters. It may prove difficult to get your point across in so few words, but it’s effective.

For emails, we recommend to not use your “” email address.  Not only does it make it look less friendly (therefore less likely for your recipient to open it), it also stops people from adding your email to their address book [not good].

Halloween Email PumpkinsYou also need to add preview texts to your email and watch your open rate increase substantially. With most users reading emails on mobile devices these days, the first two to three lines following the <body> tag in your email will display just below the subject line.   Think of them as a second subject line and a second chance to grab your audience’s attention and get them to open.

Getting the context of your content marketing right isn’t always easy, but focusing on important days can give you an automatic “in” with a larger audience.

Halloween generated $7.4 billion dollars in sales in 2014.   That’s a lot of costumes, candy and decorations!  Here are some creepy, crawly, and extra scary ways to target your upcoming content to America’s most exciting and fun holiday.

Halloween Email GhostDon’t have Halloween products to sell?  Then just have fun and create a scary campaign about what your buyer will find if they don’t buy your products. You can use Zombies, Vampires, Pumpkins and more to create Halloween stories that get your customers fired up for the season.

Psychologists have long known about Negativity Bias, which causes humans to pay more attention to unpleasant thoughts, emotions, and traumatic events.  What better time to take advantage of this than Halloween!  Use blood, gore, violence and fear to get remarkable marketing results.

Also, don’t forget to follow up with Day After Halloween specials.  Consumers will be out looking for great deals when they know you need to clear out inventory.  Schedule some After Halloween Emails to let them know you’re ready for them!

As always ResultsMail has added new Halloween Email Templates just for this occasion.  Log in and create a new campaign.  When selecting a template, choose the Holidays category and you will find them there.  We will continue to add new Holiday Email Templates as well as Email Templates for every need, so remember to check to see what’s new!