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Tips for Father’s Day Email Marketing Campaigns that Work around the World

Father's Day Super Dad Email TemplateFather’s Day is this Sunday and we wanted to share with you some tips for email marketing campaigns that work for last minute shoppers.  We know it’s only five days away, but for this particular holiday, that’s perfect!

Father’s day is not the same as Mother’s day.  While everyone worries about flowers, gifts, and setting up that perfect brunch for Mom, nobody thinks about Dad until the last minute. It may take a TV commercial, a store display, or an email marketing campaign to remind them that “Oh this Sunday is Father’s Day!”

Research has shown that Father’s Day isn’t planned months in advance.  Last year, almost 50% of all Father’s Day email revenue was received in the same week as Father’s Day.  In fact, Father’s Day itself had the highest revenue, accounting for 11% of total Father’s Day email marketing revenue. (Source: Experian)

Father's Day Suit and Tie Email Template

So this means that the best time to market to your customers with a Father’s Day email marketing campaign is now!

Father’s Day will be celebrated this Sunday, June 21st in the US, UK, Canada and 82 other countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Sales this year in the US alone are expected to exceed $13 Billion and as much as 60% will be online.

Consumers scramble for hours looking for Father’s Day gifts and you want to be there for them. And remember! ‘Last minute’ shoppers spend more than the average early bird shoppers. So let’s do this together and make those dads happy around the world!

In the Northern Hemisphere, Father’s Day also corresponds with the start of Summer. Keep this in mind and promote the products that dads will enjoy most while relaxing and enjoying the sun.  Fishing gear, sports and beach clothing, BBQ’s and golf are traditionally the most popular categories.

Paraguas Dia del Padre LatinoamericaIn the Southern Hemisphere things are a little different.  Consumers in Latin America will want umbrellas, rain coats, and mud boots for this heavy rainy season.  Customers further south will make their fathers happy with ski equipment and snow clothes just in time for this weekend’s opening of Chilean and Argentinean ski resorts this weekend.

Show Dad you really love him.  One study showed that adding “love” to the subject line of your Father’s Day email can boost transaction rates as much as 300% compares to boring, loveless emails.  What are some other great words to use in your Father’s Day subject lines?  Try mixing and matching words like Deals, Free Shipping, Coupon, Save, Exclusive Offer, Free Gift, 50% Off, the Perfect Gift, Order Now for Father’s Day, etc.

Ties for Father's Day Email CampaignTry to create the urgency of the upcoming holiday and at the same time let them know you are there to deliver.  Offer free shipping on time for Father’s Day.

Keep in mind that Father’s Day is a time for families.  Try family friendly campaigns and offers, like, “Dads eat free on Father’s Day!”

Last year Father’s Day web searches on the week of the holiday generated 250% of the searches the week before.  Take advantage of this and tie in your Father’s Day email marketing campaign efforts with social media and blogging about Father’s Day.

Father's Day Moustache Email MarketingFather’s Day is also a great time to use humor and nostalgia.  Kids always remember the fun times they had with their dads and think of them as superheroes.  Play with this and have fun with your Father’s Day emails.

We have created some special new email templates just for this Father’s Day.  Create a new Email Campaign today and see if these new holiday email templates fit your goals for this Father’s Day’s email marketing campaigns.

And above all, have a Happy Father’s Day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Send Holiday Email wishes of peace, love, joy and prosperity

Send Holiday EmailWhether you’re fighting off hypothermia in the north, looking for a sweatshirt in the south, or relaxing on the beach in the tropics, you’re ready to enjoy time with loved ones and relax and not think about work for a while.  We at ResultsMail wish you and your loved ones the best and hope that we can help you make this next year even better than the last.

There’s Still Time to Send Holiday Email Campaigns

We know there are only a couple of days left before Christmas, but we wanted to remind you that now’s a great time to send holiday email wishes to your email list.  Let them know that you care and invite them into your family.  Send out a brief message to share the joy and tell them about your great plans for the New Year.

With our new campaign scheduler you could even plan a “Didn’t get what you wanted?” sale to follow up the holidays with some January sales.

So, create a new email campaign today using one of our Holiday email templates and let everyone know you care.

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