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Scary Successful Halloween Email Marketing!

Halloween Email Crypt

The Halloween phenomenon is here!

Now’s the time to start your Halloween email marketing campaigns.

What, are you scared?! Well, don’t be tricked into missing this opportunity.

Results Mail will treat you to the best tips – just follow our lead! Get spooky with your Halloween email campaigns.  Let’s write fascinating and frightening tales about late October sales.

The bigger the holiday is, the larger the interest among the consumers.  And that means the larger the associated volume of search on Google.  So it’s time to get excited and be creative in every detail of your campaigns.
Scary Halloween Email Mummy

Remember your audience will judge an email by its subject line; this is the first impression you have so you need to shine through their inbox and get your Halloween email content opened, read and clicked! Even though subject lines are a small part of your message, it’s essential that they entice and allure your email recipients.

Be brave by effectively targeting your marketing materials to upcoming holidays.   Capture the interest of consumers who are attuned to this scary season. Keep it short. Your subject line should be a maximum of 50 characters. It may prove difficult to get your point across in so few words, but it’s effective.

For emails, we recommend to not use your “” email address.  Not only does it make it look less friendly (therefore less likely for your recipient to open it), it also stops people from adding your email to their address book [not good].

Halloween Email PumpkinsYou also need to add preview texts to your email and watch your open rate increase substantially. With most users reading emails on mobile devices these days, the first two to three lines following the <body> tag in your email will display just below the subject line.   Think of them as a second subject line and a second chance to grab your audience’s attention and get them to open.

Getting the context of your content marketing right isn’t always easy, but focusing on important days can give you an automatic “in” with a larger audience.

Halloween generated $7.4 billion dollars in sales in 2014.   That’s a lot of costumes, candy and decorations!  Here are some creepy, crawly, and extra scary ways to target your upcoming content to America’s most exciting and fun holiday.

Halloween Email GhostDon’t have Halloween products to sell?  Then just have fun and create a scary campaign about what your buyer will find if they don’t buy your products. You can use Zombies, Vampires, Pumpkins and more to create Halloween stories that get your customers fired up for the season.

Psychologists have long known about Negativity Bias, which causes humans to pay more attention to unpleasant thoughts, emotions, and traumatic events.  What better time to take advantage of this than Halloween!  Use blood, gore, violence and fear to get remarkable marketing results.

Also, don’t forget to follow up with Day After Halloween specials.  Consumers will be out looking for great deals when they know you need to clear out inventory.  Schedule some After Halloween Emails to let them know you’re ready for them!

As always ResultsMail has added new Halloween Email Templates just for this occasion.  Log in and create a new campaign.  When selecting a template, choose the Holidays category and you will find them there.  We will continue to add new Holiday Email Templates as well as Email Templates for every need, so remember to check to see what’s new!


Email Marketing Tips to Make Your Labor Day Email Campaigns a Success

headerLabor Day Email Campaigns Bring in the Sales

Every American loves a holiday weekend. There’s nothing like an excuse to just take a break, head to the beach, start up the BBQ, watch a parade and spend some time with the family. But there’s something Americans like even more and that’s buying stuff they don’t need because the price is right!

Happy Labor Day Email TemplateSummer may be over, but one of the biggest weekends for sales is here!

For retailers it’s the best opportunity to make a final seasonal push before diving into the winter holiday madness.

We want to help you create smash-hit Labor Day emails with ResultsMail. To make it even better we’ve created some new Labor Day Email Templates.  If you want to use one, just go log in to your ResultsMail account, click on Create New, select campaign and then start from a template.  The Labor Day Email templates are in the Holiday category of email templates.  Don’t have a ResultsMail account yet?  Click here to sign up for Free account just in time for your Labor Day Email campaigns.

Here are some great tips for your Labor Day Email Marketing:

  1. Creativity is everything in your subject lines.Subject lines for email campaigns are the key to your success. “Labor Day sales”, “best Labor Day deals”, and “Labor Day Savings” are the most used subject lines and body headers for Labor Day email campaigns. Don’t forget to advertise those Back to School Specials either!
  2. Labor Day Email Template ToolsSending your Labor Day emails just in time for the holiday is essential.If you have a travel agency, hotel or restaurant, now’s the time to blast out those emails. Let everyone know where’s the best place to spend their weekend. Send beautiful pictures of your hotel, restaurant or the wonderful places they can visit to let them know about the deals and the rooms you still have available. Everyone wants a last minute deal so now’s your chance.
  3. Want to grab their attention? Find a fun subject line to jump out of that inbox.Don’t be afraid of long subject lines, just get your massage out. Take your time to be creative and create a perfect subject line for your Labor Day campaign. Subject lines for Labor Day email campaigns don’t vary much. “Labor Day” and “Sale” are always the main copy in the subject and body of the emails. Try:• Last Day for Labor Day Savings
    • Free Shipping All Labor Day Weekend
    • Don’t miss it, last sales of Labor Day, today!
    • Big Labor Day Discounts Start Today
    Try to add your own touch and make your holiday emails stand out from the crowd.
  4. Labor Day Email Template Workers Are you hosting a sale or special deal?
    Get out that last reminder this week, and promote it via email to grow conversions for those last minute costumers.

Labor Day email campaigns are typically focused on the holiday itself, and everyone will be out there searching for Labor Day Deals, Labor Day Sales, Labor Day Recipes and Labor Day Store Hours. These keywords are most common in the days immediately before and on the holiday itself, so try to use these words in your subject line.

We wish you a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Happy 4th of July! Tips to enjoy fun, happy and safe Summer Email Marketing!

Summer Email Marketing 4th of July Email TemplateJuly is here! Summer Email Marketing is here!  It’s time to celebrate the freedom to go wild with ideas to heat up your summer email marketing efforts.  Go for a nice swim in the marketing waters this summer — dive in with these great tips to promote your business!

July is all about patriotism and enjoying the outdoors and warm summer days.  There’s nothing that celebrates freedom and summer fun like the parades, BBQ’s and fireworks on the 4th of July!  To get into the spirit of Independence Day, ResultsMail wants to help you show off your American pride with patriotic ideas and new templates. Let’s have fun in the sun and promote the best deals!


Your consumers will be sharing social content this holiday. Run a Facebook photo contest that prompts fans to submit their favorite July 4th snap. Give prizes to the fans the get the most votes. Fans will ask friends for votes, prompting a shares and Facebook page Likes. Perceptive marketers like you will find ways to put this stream of content to work for your brands. You can create a fun social marathon of selfies. Post it on your website to bring in costumers and promote your great deals and Holiday discounts.

If you hold special sales or promotions this summer, promote them as a 4th of July special.

If you have a blog or a website, don’t forget to be relevant on your posts.

Summer Email Marketing Independence Day Email TemplateHere are some ideas:

  • Best view of the fireworks; dine while catching a 4th of July show.
  • July 4th best patriotic outfit.
  • Better then fireworks, our sparkling desserts are waiting for you.
  • Top Ten Cities for celebrating the 4th of July, don’t miss it, and escape with us.

Whether it’s a parade or a town center fair, make an appearance and promote your business.

Show patriotism on social media online! Keep up your social media accounts and post pictures of your store or products with the patriotic colors.

Include an entry form as part of the campaign, and capture those email addresses.

But July is more then Independence Day. We also have other fun festive days to use in summer email marketing like scary shark week, loving kissing day or delicious ice cream day.  Let’s learn what can we do for those days.

Shark Week is July 5 – July 12

Shark Week Summer Email MarketingShark Week is for an entire week every summer. Shark Week is promoted heavily on social media, so get involved with the discussions and get in the summer spirit!

Restaurants can have lots of fun with Shark Week specials.  Obviously if you have a seafood place you know what to promote, but there’s also lots of room for shark cakes, shark drinks, shark burgers, bloody shark steaks, shark, shark, shark.

Retail stores this is your last chance to offer deep water discounts on clothing, toys and more for the beach!

Dentists promote those multiple row teeth cleanings!

And remember if a shark knocks on your door, don’t open!

International Kissing Day is July 6

Kissing Email Campaign Romantic Summer Email Marketing International Kissing Day is celebrated in July! Customers will love a discount or prize to those who kiss and take a selfie at your store.

Remember Kissing day is a sort of midsummer, mini Valentine’s Day. It’s an opportunity to promote relationship-related content and gift giving. You can boost the sale of love and care products and gifts.

Take a look at our Valentine’s Day Email Marketing templates and see what you can use for Kissing Day.

National Ice Cream Day is July 19th

I scream for ice creamail in July!

Ice Cream Summer Email MarketingIn 1984, President Ronald Reagan decided July was to be “National Ice Cream Month.” The Jelly Bean Man gave us one more sweet reason to remember him.  National Ice Cream Day is the third Sunday, which is July 19th this year.

If you sell ice cream, you know what to do, but if your business doesn’t sell food, you can still take advantage of the holiday:

Have an ice cream party at your business and show all the fun on social media. This increases the reach of your post to engage with their customers.  Promote it across all your marketing channels, prompting fans to get a free ice cream. Use the user content to drive traffic to relevant product pages and make sales!

July 4th is big for retail sales events, which means you have a lot of competition for those fun festive days. Use these tips to help your promotions and campaigns go viral.

4th of July Email Template Flag Patriotic Summer Email Marketing Create a Twitter campaign around a special offer.

Give followers the chance to unlock the discount if a certain number of them re-tweet the offer. Promote the contest via ResultsMail by sending a dedicated summer email marketing campaign with one of our special new templates to your customer base. You will love to see your discount go viral.

Create a hash tag to promote across all of your marketing channels and through in-store promotions. Prompt fans to share photos or stories. Set up an automatic response to posts with a coupon code they can redeem on your site or in-store.

Make sure to link back to relevant items to drive commerce.

Many consumers will be traveling this summer. This doesn’t means they can’t shop! Make sure your digital campaigns are mobile-optimized and designed for easy engagement with tempting deals and very colorful pictures that match these very fun times.

We wish you the best of Success in your Summer Email Marketing!